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Kribs in planted tanks

Steve Basee was asking about Kribs in his planted tank:
> I was thinking of adding a pair of Kribs in my 25gal planted tank...
> My tank right now has, 2 angels, 4 cory, 4 sae, and 2 otto.. ph is 6.8 (with
> co2), lots-o-plants...
> My question is, could I or would it be safe to add a pair of Kribs?
	 If by "a pair" you mean a mated pair, I would advise against it in a
25 gallon tank.  Kribs are amazingly devoted and protective parents. 
The last time mine bred, they had every fish in the 60 gallon tank
backed into a corner about 1 cubic foot in size.  (And these included a
lot of "moderately aggressive" fish, like Gouramis and Tiger Barbs.) 
Interestingly, the Kribs grew more aggressive and territorial with each
successive brood.  This was absolutely fascinating to watch, but really
stressed the other fish.  If things got this bad in a tank that's 4 feet
long, I can only guess that it would be awful in a 25.  Also, Kribs do a
bit of digging (to make a breeding area) which can upset the decor a
little.  My female eats Cryptocorynes if she gets too hungry.  And
finally, (and most importantly) there's the problem of netting out 25 1"
long baby Kribs in a heavily planted tank.  Suggested technique:  Just
rip out everything first, before you go in with the net; you're going to
have to rip it all up eventually anyway.  It'll all grow back in a year
of so.
	I think Kribs are *wonderful* fish -- it's absolutely fascinating to
watch  their courtship and parenting -- but a breeding pair is not (in
my experience) a good match with a heavily planted tank.  (*They* will
love it, of course.)  If you really want Kribs, I'd suggest letting them
have their own (big) tank, with a some hardy plants, a pair of SAEs (who
love their own kind and should never be kept alone, IMHO) and some Otos
for housekeeping.
-- Sherman Lovell